Understanding the Technology Behind Nike Prescription Sunglasses

Nike Prescription Sunglasses Technology

There’s a lot more to prescription sunglasses than meets the eye (pun intended), yet, thankfully Nike has been developing the innovative technology wearers need to reach their peak performance outdoors. Nike’s prescription sunglasses selection includes options for both athletes and casual wearers; either way, consumers will enjoy the benefits of the technology behind Nike prescription sunglasses.

Lens Technology

Nike Max Optics is the lens technology found in all of Nike Vision’s prescription eyewear line, including the semi-rimless sunglasses model, designed, specifically, for athletic use. The technology in Nike Max Optics comes from the lens materials, the way they are cut and shaped, and the coatings.

The lenses are made from polycarbonate and nylon materials and are made to be impact and shatter resistant, as well as lightweight. They provide 100% UVA/B protection, and consumers can choose between specific tints depending on the use, such as polarized, golf, speed, or outdoor. The main benefit of this technology is to shield wearers’ eyes from different shades of sun glare and provide consistent vision when in the shade away from sun glare.

Nike teamed up with Transitions Optical to develop the different lens options for wearers to choose from. The main idea is for the lenses to be adaptive to different environments and light conditions, to dim the sun and brighten the shadows by manipulating the spectrum of colors coming through. Each type of lens is made for specific uses, for instance: the Speed Tint is engineered specifically for runners on road surfaces, Outdoor Tint for natural environments, Golf Tint enhances the green’s contours and the white ball, etc.

Another aspect of the technology behind the development of Nike Max Optics is the way the lenses are cut. Instead of cutting from the center of the blank (like inferior lenses), Nike Max lenses are cut from the position in the blank that aligns best with the eyes – this method optimizes the lenses around the typical line of sight of wearers.

Another important aspect of Nike Max Optics technology is the hydrophobic coating on the lenses. This coating is very useful in practical applications, as it repels: dust, perspiration, dirt, sand, fingerprints, liquids, etc.scratch resistant; also, this coating is what scratch-resistant and easy to clean. For athletic, work, casual, or general active users, this innovative coating technology makes the difference in being able to see clearly or not.

Frame Technology

The Nike Vision Prescription eyewear line includes many different types of frames, such as high-quality metal, full nylon wrap around, metal rims with nylon arms, and semi-rimless. These all have their benefits and qualities, including breathable nose bridges, thickness levels, rubber arm ends, lightweight, and differing styles, yet, the semi-rimless interchange frames are the most innovative when it comes to technology.

The Nike Interchange frames allow for wearers to use different lenses in them, simply, by switching them out when desired. Every part of these frames are adjustable and interchangeable from the other parts, such as the: Cam-action hinges, temple, silicon rubber arm ends, main nylon frame, ventilated nose bridge, and the Nike Max Optics lenses of choice.

With Nike Interchange frames, wearers have the ability to match the appropriate lenses with the environment they’ll be in for each day; this type of innovative technology, uniquely, belongs to Nike sunglasses, giving wearers more options and flexibility when choosing their sunglasses.

When consumers choose Nike prescription sunglasses, they’ll benefit from the innovative lens and frame technology behind their development. The science of the light spectrum, precision in design, innovative partnerships, and quality materials, all work together in creating the best lenses and frames for athletic use on the market today.

9 Best Romantic Ideas to Make your Lover Melt

9 Best Romantic Ideas to Make your Lover Melt

The lovers at some point or others feel helpless about how to convince or make their beloveds happy. There are many ideas that come to our mind when we are involved in some other work but when the right time comes all the ideas go away. People ask others about the events or works that they should do when they are in love, married or unmarried. Here we mentioned about few romantic ideas that you can do to win your beloved’s, heart.

Romantic Holiday

There is no other thing like a romantic holiday to bring back your lost love that you are always looking for. If possible, you should arrange for a short trip with your lover and revive all the romantic memories that you had done earlier.

Candlelight Dinner

The name itself is romantic. You can go to some cozy restaurant with your lover and have your meal at the touch of the dim light of the candle. The candle makes the entire situation romantic. It becomes difficult to go outside arrange for it at your home where you can have a long romantic conversation.

Small Gift

Give some small gifts to your boyfriend and girlfriend whenever it’s possible. Your gift doesn’t need to be very expensive such as chocolate or a small flower, etc. This gift actually shows that your partner is in your mind all the time.


Often plan for a surprise to keep your partner happy. For occasions, you can arrange for a surprise at your home or outside. When there is no occasion surprise with doing something for them such as a bedtime tea or breakfast, etc.


Messaging is a very good way to stay connected with your partner. You can send a romantic message or a naughty message that will make your partner blush and go pink. This way you can express how much you actually love him or her and always want to stay with your partner.

Create Memories

Our lives are nothing but creating a story where you yourself are the author. You can put beautiful memories and arrange it in your own way. Create some events that always remain in the collection of your memory.


Bathtubs are always sensual and beautiful rather than being very sexy. You can just slip together into it with your husband or wife and spend some beautiful moments. To make it more romantic, you can light some candle around and play around with your partner. You will be soaked in water, and the warmth of your bodies will make the environment perfect.

A Getaway by a Lake

You two can manage a little time and go for a short trip or a short vacation now and then. Go to some favorite places of your partner or some hill-stations.  You can also go to some resort or cottages by sea or riverside where you can spend some time alone with your partner.

Do Some Shopping

Most of us in the world enjoy shopping. It’s not only just buying the stuff it actually adds fun. While doing your shopping go to a coffee shop or watch a movie that will add some extra fun to your shopping. This will definitely bring few laughs to both of you.

There is always a unique way to show your love to your partner. Try to use them when your time with your partner is not going well. Make him, or her happy as your partner’s happiness is interrelated to your own happiness. Give enough time to your partner so that he or she never feels alone.

Nike Prescription Sunglasses: The Truth about Common Sunglasses Myths

nike prescription sunglasses

Nike prescription sunglasses do many things. They correct your vision, protect your eyes from the sun, increase your comfort, improve your performance, and enhance your appearance. Reconciling these different things requires an informed purchase based on the facts instead of hearsay and myths.

Obviously, the prescription for correcting your vision is made by your eye doctor and is unaffected by myths. But other decisions that you make affect your eye protection from the sun and your driving performance on the road. These considerations impact your eye health and personal safety. Here are 8 common myths to steer clear from when buying prescription sunglasses:

Dark Sunglasses Provide Better UV Protection Than Lighter Tints

Tint has nothing to do with UV protection. Sunglasses can have very dark tints yet provide limited or no UV protection. On the other hand, glasses with no tint (that is, they’re clear) can provide 100% protection from UV rays. For example, clear polycarbonate lenses will block ultraviolet light. This myth is dangerous because dark sunglasses cause the pupils to dilate more than no sunglasses at all. Dilated pupils without UV protection allows more damaging UV light to enter into the eyes.

The Only Purpose for Sunglasses Is Looking Fashionable

This belief will cause UV eye damage if your sunglasses don’t provide UV protection yet cause the pupils to dilate (see previous myth). Sunglasses can cause car accidents if they create more glare. Some types of lenses produce glare because they reflect light into the eye from the inside surface of the lens. These require an anti-reflective (AR) coating. In addition, dark tints are dangerous for night driving because they block out light.

UV Protection Is All about the Lenses

While UV blocking lenses are important, the wrong frame design will expose your eyes to UV radiation coming in around the sides of the lens. Frames that are designed for small lenses and allow the lenses to rest too far from your eyes will permit too much stray UV to reach the eyes. Large close-fitting lenses and wraparound glasses do a good job of blocking out UV rays.

The UV Rating on All Sunglasses Is Accurate

Glasses can be mislabeled or have meaningless phrases such as “UV absorbing.” Exactly how much UV light gets absorbed? Probably not much when vague phrases are used. This is the danger of buying super cheap sunglasses. Get 100% UV protection for both UVA and UVB from reputable brands such as Nike prescription sunglasses.

You Don’t Need UV Protection on Cloudy Days

If you’re outside for extended periods of time, UV light can damage the eyes, especially during midday. The risk also increases with altitude because there is less atmosphere to absorb UV light. Clouds in the sky will do little in these circumstances. Note that damage from ultraviolet rays is cumulative. With enough exposure over the years, problems such as eye cataracts can manifest.

Sunglasses Aren’t Needed When Wearing Wide Brimmed Hats

Stray UV light can enter below the brim when you look up and from the reflection off the water when fishing or boating. Beach sand and snow also reflect UV light into the eyes.

Polarized Lenses Protect the Eyes from UV Rays

Like tinted lenses, polarized lenses by themselves do not provide UV protection. Polarized lenses block sun glare, which is not the same thing as UV light. Make sure the polarized sunglasses also provide complete UV protection. This is provided either by the lens material or by a special protective coating.

UV Protection Is Your Only Concern When Buying Prescription Sunglasses

Blocking sun glare is important for comfort and safety reasons. Glare can cause accidents when driving a car or bicycle riding. The glare reduction also increases your comfort. Polarized prescription sunglasses are highly effective at blocking glare from water, snow, beach sand, road surfaces, and reflections from cars. That is any reflective horizontal surface. Of course, style considerations are important because the perceptions of others in social and work situations do matter. Myeyewear2go can help to get the best safety glasses with your requirements. If you need any help about the prescription glasses or any confusion of eye protection, feel free to contact us. We will try to add more value in our next article.

Ladies, Go Down the Road in Style with Prescription Motorcycle Glasses

Prescription Motorcycle Glasses

Any bike lover knows the style is a big part of the entire motorcycle vibe. And any bike lover also puts her safety, as well as those around her, in the forefront. No matter how cool the leathers, how shiny the bike, or how many miles you have under your belt if you can’t see clearly you might be asking for the unfortunate to happen. Did you know most eye injuries happen outside of the workplace and are more likely to happen while you are recreating? In our specialized world, you can now be stylish and safe at the same time with women’s prescription motorcycle glasses. Before taking the decision that which safety Motorcycle glasses is useful for you, Let’s take a look. We have discussed few important things to know about the prescription Motorcycle glasses.


  • Single vision – This lens correct one distance only…near or far. This lens is recommended for riders under the age of 40.
  • Bifocal lens – This lens is also known as a flat-top (FT). It has a visible line separating the vision portion from the reading portion (the bottom portion) of the lens.
  • Progressive lens – This lens is also known as a no-line lens. This lens is bifocal but actually has three different prescriptions areas for near, far, and intermediate. Some people have a difficult time adjusting to the different areas and need to take a little time to get used to progressive lenses.
  • Freeform Digitally Customized Lens – Yes, this is a mouthful, but this lens is high definition (HD) for your eyes! Remember when HD televisions were first introduced on the market. These televisions made analog TVs immediately a thing of the past. The same qualities of brighter colors, sharper shapes and unbelievable focus in an HD television are found in HD lenses. The new technology, known as a free form, is a digital process using computer aided design and surfacing customized to your prescription. Your peripheral vision is also increased meaning as you ride, you can see on all sides.
  • High Index – Do you consider yourself “blind as a bat”? High index lenses have you covered! If you are extremely near-sighted or far-sighted with a prescription of -10.00 and -6.25 for sphere and +/-2.25 and +/-3.00 for the cylinder, then high index lenses are the best choice for you. The primary benefits of this lens are the thinness, light weight and flat nature of the lens.


  • Polycarbonate – Impact resistant and this material have ANSI safety standards at 1/3 less thickness of the lens. This material is lighter too and is the safest choice for riders.
  • Trivex – This is an advanced category of lens material providing a balance of performance properties like clear vision, lightweight comfort, strength, and protection. This material weighs less than polycarbonate and is an excellent choice for rimless frames. Trivex also blocks 100% of the sun’s harmful UV rays for those long, sunny rides.

Your prescription motorcycle glasses can also be tinted in colors from gray to purple, even orange or amber. You can also have a transition lens which darkens when riding in the sunshine and returns to a normal colored lens in the shade. Don’t worry about style with brands like Nike, Wiley, 7Eye, Zenni, Optimus, even Harley Davidson offering frames for your prescription. These styles also come in a wrap around, sporty, or safety frame. Your budget will be right on target with a broad price range from affordable to high-end. So, after you wash and wax your bike, slide into your leathers, and put on your helmet, you can now have a safer ride wearing your new prescription motorcycle glasses. I would recommend you to wear safety glasses to protect your eyes.

Tennis Rules for the Beginners to Know as a Tennis Player

rules of tennis game

Tennis is a famous game that is played in all over the world, and people have an opportunity to build his or her career in this game. This sport has been originated in England around the 19th century. At present times there are four major tournaments that are held every year; the names are Wimbledon, US Open, French Open and Australian Tournament. If you haven’t played this game before and want to start playing, then there are many things that you have to keep in mind. Like many other games, this game also has some set rules for playing and counting scores. In this article, we’ll try to give you the basic idea of this game so that you know the game when you start playing.


Tennis can be played by two persons, which is called ‘Singles,’ or by four persons, ‘which is called doubles.’ If there are four players, then there are two players on each side. The tennis ground is rectangle shapes which expand and squeezes depending on the number of the players. In doubles, the ground gets wider. The ground is divided into two halves by a net in between. You need tennis bats and balls to play this game. While playing this game, you have play within the given boundary; if the ball goes outside, it is called out. This game is similar to the game badminton with few differences.

The Servings

Before the game begins there will be a toss to decide who is going to serve first. The server will continue to serve until the set ends. When the set ends the receiver will become the server and continue to serve until the set ends. In this way turn by turn, the players will serve throughout the match. The server will serve from one corner of his side to the other corner of the opposite side. There are boxes on both sides, and the ball needs to drop in the box of opposite side while serving. After serving the players can play the way they like.

Counting the Points

Scoring in the tennis game is a little confusing as it doesn’t count the scores same all the time. When a side has 0 points, it is called ‘Love.’ For first two points, you get 15 score each which equals to 30. Next point is scored 10 point which totals 40 and at the final is the set point. If the score of the two teams become the same, it is called ‘deuce.’ When the score becomes deuce, the player needs to score two consecutive points. The first one is called ‘advantage,  ’ and the other is the set point. If only one point is taken and the other is loss, then the advantage point gets eliminated. The other player gets the chance to take two consecutive points. That is why the difference between the winning team and losing the team is two, not one.

Fault and Double Fault

If the serve doesn’t fall into the diagonal space of the receiver then it is called a ‘fault.’ If two faults are committed, then the receiver gets the point which increases his score. If the ball hits the net, then it is called a ‘net serve, ’ and the server gets the chance to re-serve. There is no limit for re-serving if the ball hits the net continuously. While playing the ball must hit the outside line or any space inside the boundary. If it doesn’t remain within then, the opponent gets the point.

Tennis is a game where you need a lot of energy as you need to run on your side continuously. For this reason, it is good to keep a water bottle beside you when you are playing. This is a game which is enjoyed by all the people. Boys and girls play this game equally; I will say that the girls do better than the boys. You can play this game to enjoy, or you can take it as your career if you are passionate about it.