Ladies, Go Down the Road in Style with Prescription Motorcycle Glasses

Prescription Motorcycle Glasses

Any bike lover knows the style is a big part of the entire motorcycle vibe. And any bike lover also puts her safety, as well as those around her, in the forefront. No matter how cool the leathers, how shiny the bike, or how many miles you have under your belt if you can’t see clearly you might be asking for the unfortunate to happen. Did you know most eye injuries happen outside of the workplace and are more likely to happen while you are recreating? In our specialized world, you can now be stylish and safe at the same time with women’s prescription motorcycle glasses. Before taking the decision that which safety Motorcycle glasses is useful for you, Let’s take a look. We have discussed few important things to know about the prescription Motorcycle glasses.


  • Single vision – This lens correct one distance only…near or far. This lens is recommended for riders under the age of 40.
  • Bifocal lens – This lens is also known as a flat-top (FT). It has a visible line separating the vision portion from the reading portion (the bottom portion) of the lens.
  • Progressive lens – This lens is also known as a no-line lens. This lens is bifocal but actually has three different prescriptions areas for near, far, and intermediate. Some people have a difficult time adjusting to the different areas and need to take a little time to get used to progressive lenses.
  • Freeform Digitally Customized Lens – Yes, this is a mouthful, but this lens is high definition (HD) for your eyes! Remember when HD televisions were first introduced on the market. These televisions made analog TVs immediately a thing of the past. The same qualities of brighter colors, sharper shapes and unbelievable focus in an HD television are found in HD lenses. The new technology, known as a free form, is a digital process using computer aided design and surfacing customized to your prescription. Your peripheral vision is also increased meaning as you ride, you can see on all sides.
  • High Index – Do you consider yourself “blind as a bat”? High index lenses have you covered! If you are extremely near-sighted or far-sighted with a prescription of -10.00 and -6.25 for sphere and +/-2.25 and +/-3.00 for the cylinder, then high index lenses are the best choice for you. The primary benefits of this lens are the thinness, light weight and flat nature of the lens.


  • Polycarbonate – Impact resistant and this material have ANSI safety standards at 1/3 less thickness of the lens. This material is lighter too and is the safest choice for riders.
  • Trivex – This is an advanced category of lens material providing a balance of performance properties like clear vision, lightweight comfort, strength, and protection. This material weighs less than polycarbonate and is an excellent choice for rimless frames. Trivex also blocks 100% of the sun’s harmful UV rays for those long, sunny rides.

Your prescription motorcycle glasses can also be tinted in colors from gray to purple, even orange or amber. You can also have a transition lens which darkens when riding in the sunshine and returns to a normal colored lens in the shade. Don’t worry about style with brands like Nike, Wiley, 7Eye, Zenni, Optimus, even Harley Davidson offering frames for your prescription. These styles also come in a wrap around, sporty, or safety frame. Your budget will be right on target with a broad price range from affordable to high-end. So, after you wash and wax your bike, slide into your leathers, and put on your helmet, you can now have a safer ride wearing your new prescription motorcycle glasses. I would recommend you to wear safety glasses to protect your eyes.

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