Tennis Rules for the Beginners to Know as a Tennis Player

rules of tennis game

Tennis is a famous game that is played in all over the world, and people have an opportunity to build his or her career in this game. This sport has been originated in England around the 19th century. At present times there are four major tournaments that are held every year; the names are Wimbledon, US Open, French Open and Australian Tournament. If you haven’t played this game before and want to start playing, then there are many things that you have to keep in mind. Like many other games, this game also has some set rules for playing and counting scores. In this article, we’ll try to give you the basic idea of this game so that you know the game when you start playing.


Tennis can be played by two persons, which is called ‘Singles,’ or by four persons, ‘which is called doubles.’ If there are four players, then there are two players on each side. The tennis ground is rectangle shapes which expand and squeezes depending on the number of the players. In doubles, the ground gets wider. The ground is divided into two halves by a net in between. You need tennis bats and balls to play this game. While playing this game, you have play within the given boundary; if the ball goes outside, it is called out. This game is similar to the game badminton with few differences.

The Servings

Before the game begins there will be a toss to decide who is going to serve first. The server will continue to serve until the set ends. When the set ends the receiver will become the server and continue to serve until the set ends. In this way turn by turn, the players will serve throughout the match. The server will serve from one corner of his side to the other corner of the opposite side. There are boxes on both sides, and the ball needs to drop in the box of opposite side while serving. After serving the players can play the way they like.

Counting the Points

Scoring in the tennis game is a little confusing as it doesn’t count the scores same all the time. When a side has 0 points, it is called ‘Love.’ For first two points, you get 15 score each which equals to 30. Next point is scored 10 point which totals 40 and at the final is the set point. If the score of the two teams become the same, it is called ‘deuce.’ When the score becomes deuce, the player needs to score two consecutive points. The first one is called ‘advantage,  ’ and the other is the set point. If only one point is taken and the other is loss, then the advantage point gets eliminated. The other player gets the chance to take two consecutive points. That is why the difference between the winning team and losing the team is two, not one.

Fault and Double Fault

If the serve doesn’t fall into the diagonal space of the receiver then it is called a ‘fault.’ If two faults are committed, then the receiver gets the point which increases his score. If the ball hits the net, then it is called a ‘net serve, ’ and the server gets the chance to re-serve. There is no limit for re-serving if the ball hits the net continuously. While playing the ball must hit the outside line or any space inside the boundary. If it doesn’t remain within then, the opponent gets the point.

Tennis is a game where you need a lot of energy as you need to run on your side continuously. For this reason, it is good to keep a water bottle beside you when you are playing. This is a game which is enjoyed by all the people. Boys and girls play this game equally; I will say that the girls do better than the boys. You can play this game to enjoy, or you can take it as your career if you are passionate about it.

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