Nike Prescription Sunglasses: The Truth about Common Sunglasses Myths

nike prescription sunglasses

Nike prescription sunglasses do many things. They correct your vision, protect your eyes from the sun, increase your comfort, improve your performance, and enhance your appearance. Reconciling these different things requires an informed purchase based on the facts instead of hearsay and myths.

Obviously, the prescription for correcting your vision is made by your eye doctor and is unaffected by myths. But other decisions that you make affect your eye protection from the sun and your driving performance on the road. These considerations impact your eye health and personal safety. Here are 8 common myths to steer clear from when buying prescription sunglasses:

Dark Sunglasses Provide Better UV Protection Than Lighter Tints

Tint has nothing to do with UV protection. Sunglasses can have very dark tints yet provide limited or no UV protection. On the other hand, glasses with no tint (that is, they’re clear) can provide 100% protection from UV rays. For example, clear polycarbonate lenses will block ultraviolet light. This myth is dangerous because dark sunglasses cause the pupils to dilate more than no sunglasses at all. Dilated pupils without UV protection allows more damaging UV light to enter into the eyes.

The Only Purpose for Sunglasses Is Looking Fashionable

This belief will cause UV eye damage if your sunglasses don’t provide UV protection yet cause the pupils to dilate (see previous myth). Sunglasses can cause car accidents if they create more glare. Some types of lenses produce glare because they reflect light into the eye from the inside surface of the lens. These require an anti-reflective (AR) coating. In addition, dark tints are dangerous for night driving because they block out light.

UV Protection Is All about the Lenses

While UV blocking lenses are important, the wrong frame design will expose your eyes to UV radiation coming in around the sides of the lens. Frames that are designed for small lenses and allow the lenses to rest too far from your eyes will permit too much stray UV to reach the eyes. Large close-fitting lenses and wraparound glasses do a good job of blocking out UV rays.

The UV Rating on All Sunglasses Is Accurate

Glasses can be mislabeled or have meaningless phrases such as “UV absorbing.” Exactly how much UV light gets absorbed? Probably not much when vague phrases are used. This is the danger of buying super cheap sunglasses. Get 100% UV protection for both UVA and UVB from reputable brands such as Nike prescription sunglasses.

You Don’t Need UV Protection on Cloudy Days

If you’re outside for extended periods of time, UV light can damage the eyes, especially during midday. The risk also increases with altitude because there is less atmosphere to absorb UV light. Clouds in the sky will do little in these circumstances. Note that damage from ultraviolet rays is cumulative. With enough exposure over the years, problems such as eye cataracts can manifest.

Sunglasses Aren’t Needed When Wearing Wide Brimmed Hats

Stray UV light can enter below the brim when you look up and from the reflection off the water when fishing or boating. Beach sand and snow also reflect UV light into the eyes.

Polarized Lenses Protect the Eyes from UV Rays

Like tinted lenses, polarized lenses by themselves do not provide UV protection. Polarized lenses block sun glare, which is not the same thing as UV light. Make sure the polarized sunglasses also provide complete UV protection. This is provided either by the lens material or by a special protective coating.

UV Protection Is Your Only Concern When Buying Prescription Sunglasses

Blocking sun glare is important for comfort and safety reasons. Glare can cause accidents when driving a car or bicycle riding. The glare reduction also increases your comfort. Polarized prescription sunglasses are highly effective at blocking glare from water, snow, beach sand, road surfaces, and reflections from cars. That is any reflective horizontal surface. Of course, style considerations are important because the perceptions of others in social and work situations do matter. Myeyewear2go can help to get the best safety glasses with your requirements. If you need any help about the prescription glasses or any confusion of eye protection, feel free to contact us. We will try to add more value in our next article.

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